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40 years bringing warmth
and comfort to your home
1500 €
895 €


Wood / Pellets

The fireplace adds a touch of warmth to your home needs. We provide heating systems wood-burning and pellet, adapted to different spaces and environments

Discover the warmth and efficiency with our stove of the latest generation! Designed to provide comfort and style to your home, our stove combines exceptional performance with a modern design.

Built with high quality materials and a sturdy design, this barbecue is designed to last season after season. Its wide grill allows you to cook for all the family or for your friends, so there is no need to leave anyone hungry!

Wood burning stoves are a direct connection with nature and history. Wood, as a source of energy, gives your food a unique taste and authentic. Experience the pleasure of cooking in a warm environment, where every spark of firewood on, it becomes a celebration of the traditional kitchen.

We aim to ensure that our designs are aesthetic and functional. Our huge variety of models allows you to find the right fit to achieve to create the perfect environment


Small capsules of concentrated energy, made from natural materials tablets, such as sawdust and wood waste. Its compact format and uniform ensures efficient combustion and controlled, providing a constant heat and uniform to your home.

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From the gentle fragrance of the hague to the intensity smoked oak, you can customize your experience to suit your preferences and the atmosphere you want to create.

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Thanks to the advanced technology, you can enjoy a constant heat without worrying about the loss of energy. Adjusts the temperature according to your preferences and optimizes the performance to create a welcoming environment and effective.

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Our electric fireplaces eliminate the need to clean up ashes, or to deal with the logistics of traditional fuels. Smoke-free, odor-free and without complications; enjoy the heat and the light, without worrying about cleaning and maintenance.

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Natural warmth to your home